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Where is stability?

4. October 2008

Sometimes i miss some permanence in my live. I’m even very young, but i moved a lot of times yet. And I always had to leave behind my friends and familymembers.

People say to you: “You’re not gonna loose them. You can call them, Chat with them, And visit them in the holidays.”

They’re right. You’re not loosing them. But I prefer haveĀ a friend next to me, then one far far away. ’cause I need him / her to be at my side when I feel bad. Or when I feel good. When I’m happy or melancholic. Or when I wanna go out…

You can’t call a friend in an other country when your crying somewhere else. You have to go and knock on a door, and get consoled and embraced.

Next year i’ll go to university, and i am going to change town and country again. I don’t want to leave behind people I love again.