Lilya 4-ever

5. October 2008

Last week I saw this film with one of my best friend. I asked her to visit Russia one day. And she said, that she doesen’t like it. I convinced her to travel in spite of the movie.

Lilya’s best friend donates her the world and she sais: Sorry, but I’m not sure it’s a good present. It’s windy, there’s a mist. It’s so cold. And this world isn’t that good.

And her life really sucks. Her mother goes to America and leaves her alone. Her aunt and everyone is cheating her. She has no money. She prostitues herself. She is only 16 years old. But that she meets a nice guy from sweden, who asks her to come with him…

I’ve never heard of this movie before. it’s swedish, and not bad. But her dead friend appears with wings giving her good advoices. I don’t like that.

But the music is fascinating. The perfekt song for every situation.

Like Alphaville’s Forever Young, when she is on the and of her rope and taking flight.

Do you really want to live forever                  
Forever young
I wanna be forever young.
Do you really want to live forever?


Where is stability?

4. October 2008

Sometimes i miss some permanence in my live. I’m even very young, but i moved a lot of times yet. And I always had to leave behind my friends and familymembers.

People say to you: “You’re not gonna loose them. You can call them, Chat with them, And visit them in the holidays.”

They’re right. You’re not loosing them. But I prefer have a friend next to me, then one far far away. ’cause I need him / her to be at my side when I feel bad. Or when I feel good. When I’m happy or melancholic. Or when I wanna go out…

You can’t call a friend in an other country when your crying somewhere else. You have to go and knock on a door, and get consoled and embraced.

Next year i’ll go to university, and i am going to change town and country again. I don’t want to leave behind people I love again.


The educators

4. October 2008

Every Heart is a revolutionary cell – That’s the movie’s tagline.

 I admit that some of what you say is true, but I’m the wrong person to be blamed for. Yes, I’ve been playing the game but I didn’t make up the rules. 
It’s not who invented the gun, man. It’s who pulls the trigger.

That’s true.

It’s a movie about young people, throwing couches in swimming pools, to draw attention to their dissatisfaction with the hole system.

The film is nice but the soundtrack is just genius.



Berlin Blues

4. October 2008

Berlin Blues it’s one of my favorite films. It has been released in 2003.

The Story: Frank (29) is living in west Berlin. He works in a pub, and falls in love with a cook.
His best friend never sleeps and his parents come to visit him. He talks a lot off great intelligent humbug.

I strongly recomend the movie’s soundtrack.

The film is based in a book written by Sven Regener, who is the frontsinger of Element of Crime.

I love this film, because of the brilliant dialougs and sentences like: “Deconstuction is also art.”


Everyman by Philip Roth

4. October 2008

I can’t understand, why this book was a sucsess. Maybe it’s only recomendable for men older then 50.

The story is not story enough for be written or read. 

It’s always the same.

The protagonist is in hospital. He leaves his wife. He has to go to hostital. He leaves his second wife. He has to go to hostipal. He leaves his third wird. He goes to the hospital. Ans he feels lonly all the time.

And that’s such a precise life description? Oh please…

Maybe, I’m just to young and a little maiden, but it’s the worst book I’ve read since a lot of time.